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EU servers are just not working

by Jeandrevz1995

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Re: EU servers are just not working

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I tested the server and it is showing online for me.  I only tested Darth Malgus and was able to login and create a character from here in the U.S.  I did not test Tulak Hord or The Leviathan but not seeing any issues and the linked thread you provided was from four days ago.  There may have been an issue at the time but doesn't appear to be.


If you are still not able to login, the only thing I can think of is a connection issue.  Are you able to go to like an Internet Cafe, friends house or any place with a completely different internet connection to see if you are able to login as a test?




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Re: EU servers are just not working

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I've tested it on an entirely different internet connection yeah, with a whole other ISP, still a nogo. Thing is I know its not just me, theres forum posts here and on swtor's website itself of people also having the issue, its crazy.

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Re: EU servers are just not working



The issue you have is usually a routing issue on the internet, you are the only person still reporting this as an issue.

What region are you located ? just in case there are further new reports but again this is normally a localized internet issue and swtor cannot do anything about it.


The only known workaround for a routing issue is use a VPN until it is cleared, so suggest trialing a VPN and see if you can log into the EU servers


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