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EA stole my draft coin

by DiegoIMC

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EA stole my draft coin

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Hello there,


By a missclick, I used my draft-token in a single-player-draft, but I didn't even start picking my team (it was on 'choose difficult level screen). So I contacted EA and informed my problem to them, and then their support (Amitesh A.) removed the token I spent in the game and the single-player-draft was no longer available for me. Nevertheless, HE DIDN'T ADD THE MISSING DRAFT COIN BACK TO MY ACCOUNT!


Then he told me that he would send a link to my e-mail after the chat was closed. I got an e-mail, but guess what?! No link... 


He was just repeating that I would be able to use the link provided to use "self help desk" to claim my draft coin, but I got no link.


Thanks for stealing my draft-coin EA, great support. 

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