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Dye Pack Secondary Color Doesn't Appear

by CorporateDog

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Dye Pack Secondary Color Doesn't Appear

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I recently purchased the Hyperspace Light Blue/Deep Blue dye pack for my Jedi character. His current outfit consists of a Jedi Stormguard's Chestguard. I applied the dye pack to it, unified my outfit, and unfortunately, the secondary color isn't coloring the outfit's cloak as it did in the preview.


I assume this is a bug. Can anyone confirm, and also let me know what I can do to get it working correctly?




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Re: Dye Pack Secondary Color Doesn't Appear


Hey there! I'm afraid that the cloak part of the Jedi Stormguard's Chestguard is not dyeable, and to my knowledge this is not a bug as there are quite a few sets that have parts of them that are not able to dye. As for getting it to work correctly, I'm pretty sure you're going to have to pick another Chestpiece. I hope this answers your question, and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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