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Re: Duo Queue Times

by ICoco_CagadoI

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Duo Queue Times

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What in the world is wrong with these Duo queue times on PC? I tried to hop on for a couple games over lunch and could not even find a game. Had a friend in the lobby, tried to queue for a duo game, waited 10 minutes before I thought something was wrong. Backed out and queued again, waiting another 10 minutes and never found a game. Quit the game, switched the server from St Louis to New York, tried to queue again. Another 10 minutes pass and that was the end of my time for lunch. 


Why would this happen? I played for the first time last night in trios and had zero issues queuing but when I tried any kind of duo I just could not find a game. Super frustrating to know that if I can't play the game unless I play trios. 

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Re: Duo Queue Times

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Been trying DUOs for a couple of weeks now.


Zero DUO games so far.

Never saw more than 4 on queue with me.


Trios: instant game.

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