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Drop Rate ridiculously low

by Dragonjoo

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Drop Rate ridiculously low

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Dear EA,

the drop rates for SWOGH is way to low. I already hate games that depend on a chance of drop. 

12 Catina battles 1 shard 1 ability material 3. Mod Battles show the chance of getting 3 mod salvage MK 1 Power or Fusion. Multi sim 13  mod battles get 11. THIS SHOULD BE CHANGED TO AT LEAST 1

Change the drop rate to at least 50% for the Salvage.  At this point in time, I don't plan to wait until next year to get enough mods to especially for the MK5 Stun, which everything and its nothing seem to need. 

I know you do not intend to change anything.  I liked star wars so I gave this a chance, but when a game becomes frustrating solely because of ridiculously farming % its time to let it go or use it less. 

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Re: Drop Rate ridiculously low

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Hey @Dragonjoo,

I am sorry to hear that you had bad luck the last time.

Unfortunately this is the way probability works Frown.

Please post your suggestion here  because feedback that gets posted on this board won’t be moved forward to the studio.




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