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Double Billed No restores in mailbox

by hyme01

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Re: Double Billed No restores in mailbox

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yes both were billed to my bank account. Cash was taken and iTunes says I received the stuff since in game purchase it is not eligible for refund. EA says my account shows only one purchase for this item. In game you are only allowed to purchase once. No one is telling me which one is on my account. No one is telling me where other purchase went to. And it is hard for me to believe that EA can not look up where the money is from so look up the receipts and give me info which is linked to my account where is the other one linked too. 


Now with that said everyone is asking me for info I have given all I had I showed bank account statement with both charges coming out. I showed my receipts on iTunes and gave all info I have with them. all I know for sure is money is gone not credit cash from bank account. iTunes gives no info except their force fed line not refundalble for in game purchases. no one listens to me and no one wants to give the info they have. I am going to ask one last time then. Money was taken from my account under your name and everyone is refusing to give me the information I ask for. Tell me which one is tied to my account. tell me where the other receipt went to. This is info your company has. I can get it easy with cooperation or I can get in discovery after. You refuse to give legal contact info. You refuse to assist a customer who was stolen from in your name. Shall I keep going or can you give me legal info or a resolution you can help with. I have shown legal standing to bring all parties to court. I am asking for you to help and cooperate to avoid this. The rest is on you. Do not tell me contact iTunes. I have im done jumping through hoops. Answers or court.


if you can not assist then contact info for legal

This is resolved when I have legal department info or I have info regarding these purchases on your end


Questions I need answered:

1. Which is associated with my account?

2. Whos account is other receipt tied too?

3. What is contact info for legal department if iTunes says you have money and they refuse refund?


If you would prefer not to post on forums you can email with account on here it is sames as iTunes email


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Re: Double Billed No restores in mailbox

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Hi @hyme01,


What EA can do for you has been clearly outlined in my posts. We can't help you get a refund with iTunes.


Once more:
- Contact us if you decide you want the content instead of a refund.
- Contact iTunes to dispute your refund claim. 


I don't have contact information for legal. However, to pursue that course have your representative reach out. They know how to get in touch with the right team.


Now, as the forum rules have continued to be broken, I am locking this thread and will be in touch via dm soon regarding that.


- EA_Lanna


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