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Disconnected FUT Champ

by mehaau

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Re: Disconnected FUT Champ

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@EA_Aljo I have just played a game of FUT Champs where I was 5-0 and I was disconnected due to inactivity. However I wasn’t inactive and I received a loss. It was half time and I should have 40 seconds to not get kicked due to inactivity however the game kicks me anyway, and I receive a loss. I was going to PS messages, and when I came back thats what it said. Please can i receive my game back for FUT champs or give me the win,
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Re: Disconnected FUT Champ

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I had mine worst. The game ended I was watching the replay and I got disconnected. And didn't count as win

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Re: Disconnected FUT Champ

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@mehaau Me also 5 matches and rivals
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