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Re: Disconnect from servers during Freeplay

by Sithtiger

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Re: Disconnect from servers during Freeplay

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This issue isn't just you so know you aren't alone. I got so addicted to Anthem that my buddies and I prepurchased LoD edition. All of my friends have cancelled theirs.



I'm still holding out hope that they patch these disconnects quickly. I can't tell you how many times I've lost all my loot from a DC. I was in free play last night and had at LEAST 6 purples drop...a couple hours worth of running world events. I get DC'd in the middle of another event and come back to all my gear and xp lost. It's very disheartening and at this point it boils down to the game being a waste of time when there are so many other options for me. I love Anthem, and I'll be back but I think I'll have to set it aside for now. 


Heck, I even posted a disconnect bug that is reproducible and I've yet to hear from anyone at EA about it. I have really enjoyed talking to NPCs around Ft. Taris and there are 2 that disconnect me everytime I enter into dialogue with them. 


I hope they get these issues worked out quickly, as there are so many more issues and QoL improvements to be made, but as of now it's become unplayable for me. I think they should have pushed the release date back. I can deal with minor bugs and QoL issues but constant DCs and losing all progress is my only red line Frown

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Re: Disconnect from servers during Freeplay

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The same thing, except this, happens on any Freeplay mission. I'm on PC and I can't tell you how much loot, XP, points, etc I've lost countless times. I've got to the point to after I'm completed something, no matter how small, I exit the mission, so it won't lose the loot I've obtained. This is April 24, 2019. Pretty pathetic this is still happening!
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