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Disconnect Issues / Ranked Abandonment Penalties

by ItsKingPetty

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Disconnect Issues / Ranked Abandonment Penalties

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I help run the largest Apex Legends Facebook community, and wanted to prepare some guidelines for troubleshooting disconnect issues that many players are experiencing, such as how to diagnose where the issue is, and more importantly, who to report the issue to (EA/Respawn, or their ISP).
In addition, I work for one of the largest Internet Service Providers, and with that said, I fully understand that many disconnect issues are the result of underlying connection issues. (Even when people don't want to acknowledge it) 
I'll be providing technical support for free in regards to the connection issues  

But, I wanted to confirm a few pieces of information, or see if I could get a response on questions being posed by thousands of our members.

1. EA Support has confirmed that there have been server connectivity issues for some time. Are these issues still present?
In addition, Social Media accounts for Apex Legends tend to be very quiet on technical issues, other than acknowledging existence, or announcing patches for SOME issues. 
Is it fair for the community to request more transparency in regards to this issue specifically? Considering the volume of complaints across various media outlets. (The Reddit has a dedicated mega-thread to connection issues, after all)

2. Do the EA/Respawn Teams work with the intermediary ISP's when packet loss is occurring within their servers?
For example, my connection runs through Level 3 Communications as an intermediary ISP before it reaches the game servers. Level 3 Communications is NOT my Internet Service Provider.
Does EA/Respawn expect the players actual ISP to escalate such issues (Meaning it's out of the player's ability to control, and permanently in question of ever being addressed), or do your own NOC teams engage?

Trying to determine the best way of directing people who experience packet loss with these intermediary ISP servers, as that's where packet loss is most common for players, and not within their direct ISP servers.

3. There are 4 different connection issue icons players will experience in-game. Two of those, the Prediction Error Icon, and the Congestion Icon, are indicative of server issues.
We have been seeing thousands of complaints in our community regarding disconnects after receiving the Congestion Icon, with "Server Shutting Down" error messages following. 
When players are in ranked matches, this is resulting in them triggering abandonment penalties.
Is this an issue we can expect to be addressed? Considering EA Support has confirmed there have been server connectivity issues, many members in our community feel this to be broad oversight with the new abandonment penalty system.
Disconnects caused by underlying connection issues, (such as NAT type issues, packet loss, or extremely high latency resulting in a time out) are understandable to leave subject to penalty. As players should make efforts to ensure a stable connection.
But can EA/Respawn teams confirm if their abandonment penalty system has the ability to recognize the difference between an internal server issue, and a players individual connection?

Looking forward to answers!

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Re: Disconnect Issues / Ranked Abandonment Penalties

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@EA_David @EA_Blueberry

Hey there! Not sorry for tagging, as I believe these questions are worthy of the attention!
Hoping you can help me, help my community of 70k+ members!

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Re: Disconnect Issues / Ranked Abandonment Penalties

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Yes these issues are still happening. I've seen multiple posts within the past 2 weeks of people who are having the same problem as me. Everytime I play ranked mode on Apex Legends, after a few games I've been continuously kicked off due to "server disconnection". When I restart my playstation and run the game again I end up with another abandonment penalty. Lol it's honestly quite tiring. I hope the issue can be resolved soon! Standard smile Till then see you all on Apex!

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