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Re: Disappering buttons

by og667

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Disappering buttons

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I Know its a long standing issue like many others, but this happened 4 times now this tb. In phase 1,2 and 3 fine i take it doesnt matter but now in phase 4 where every point counts. It was right at the start also.


I understand its hard to replicate and that theres a ton of urgent bugs in the game but that issue is atleast 2 years old now with nobody commenting on a fix and makegood.

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Re: Disappering buttons

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I hit this issue today in a GAC match. I had the battle almost won in less than a minute and then the attack buttons disappeared after my CLS squad had just countered one toon to death. I figured I would wait out the timer and take the loss. But no, the timer hits 0:00 and the match never ends. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting wifi and that did not fix it. 15 minutes later, the match is still active and I had to force-close the app

This seems to be an issue with the turn meter logic and it is frustrating to hit this issue over and over again in different game modes for years now with no make-good. I'm happy to provide any details to the team so they can replay my match and see what happened. I have a screenshot of the bug and a video after the timer hit 0:00 which I can also provide. I may lose this round now thanks to losing this team so I am not a happy customer.

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