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DirectX Error Anthem

by xShyShyShyX

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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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I loaded up afterburner (overclocking software - many of them out there so try the one you use) and set the power to my 1080 Ti MSI to 50% and it is working, I did also however move my performance down just a bit at the same time but I had done that previously a number of times.


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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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FYI (to a post about changing the TDR):

Timeout Detection and Recovery (TDR) Registry Keys: You can use the TDR (timeout detection and recovery)-related registry keys for testing or debugging purposes only. That is, they should not be manipulated by any applications outside targeted testing or debugging.


Specifies the initial level of recovery. The default value is to recover on timeout (TdrLevelRecover).

KeyPath : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers
KeyValue : TdrLevel
ValueType : REG_DWORD
ValueData : TdrLevelOff ( 0 ) - Detection disabled
TdrLevelBugcheck ( 1 ) - Bug check on detected timeout, for example, no recovery.
TdrLevelRecoverVGA ( 2 ) - Recover to VGA (not implemented).
TdrLevelRecover ( 3 ) - Recover on timeout. This is the default value.

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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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I have the same problem running qhd monitor with g-sync and rtx 2070

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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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I just turned the option for origin to run in the background when i play it seems to be working 

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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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I don"t know how to install an older version of Direct X. What I have is what came with my computer. 

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