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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

by AmiTheRobot

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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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i have the same issue but i might of found a potential workaround that would involve a 1080p monitor(???)

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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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try this, usually after a few times this works. Hope it helps everyone!

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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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Already tried that No Luck but thanks for trying to help Standard smile

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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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Ok so as "AmiTheRobot" said form his video link that seem to work for me.

If you are using more than 1 monitor then what i did was turn my 2nd monitor off by


"Right Click Desktop> Display Settings> Multiple Displays> Arrow Down> Show Only on 1"


Then try Relaunching the game.


After you launched your game and its working you can just alt tab and Turn ur 2nd/3rd Monitors on after you done all of that the next time you launch the game you won't have to turn off your other monitors should be a 1 time thing but that what made mine work.


Hope it helps.



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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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why is this happening?...



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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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did you leave origin open so it doesn't reinstall the directX files? If you close origin and then do what he does in the video, its like a 10 min finalization for getting the game ready and will still show up in error. If you leave Origin open when moving the packet files you just hit download on anthem after getting the error message and then it says ready to play in about 20 seconds.

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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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So i did not attempt to play this over the weekend on my PC but today i was bored so i installed it knowing it would not work. It also gave me this error that you spoke about here.  I took your advise and went and looked at that playeroptions_profile screen. Opening in wordpad made it simple to read and i changed various things that you had mentioned in your above reply that did not work for me.  But i did find a solution that worked for me.


I checked my resolution on the monitor that i wanted to play on and set the resolution to that.

GstRender.FullscreenEnabled 1
GstRender.FullscreenMode 1
GstRender.FullscreenRefreshRate 59.951000
GstRender.FullscreenResolutionIndex 67
GstRender.FullscreenScreen 0
GstRender.ResolutionHeight 1440
GstRender.ResolutionWidth 2560


That is what my settings were set to after i changed the resolution and also i changed the first 2 from a 0 and 3 to 1 and 1.  I believe that was the only thing i changed. There is also another


GstRender.SetAutodetectedQuality 3


I set that to 3 instead of 1. I don't know which of these fixed my issue but afterwards the game will now load on my main screen and not my secondary monitor and will not give me that load error when first launching claiming ARG.


Some of this was from a previous post i posted on the forum but i found this was a similar issue so i'm posting my response to another user on this forum post as well so you all can see it as well. Good luck hopefully this helps you all out.

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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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So I don't know if this will help somebody, but I will write it down anyway.

So I tried all the options that had been given on the internet, reinstall DX, delete the cabinet files from it's folder, disable virus and maleware when installing nothing worked.

Then I thought about that I had Anthem Alpha working and tried to think what happened between then and now, and I figured that the only thing that happened was a failed installation of Dragon Age: Origins.

So I went ahead and deleted and purged everything I found Dragon Age: Origins, I reinstalled Origin itself and voila, Anthem VIP Demo was able to install.

I don't know how and why, because they are in totally separate folders, separate drives even, but there you go, this was what worked for me.

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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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Seeing exactly the same issue in the demo and tried all the fixes above with no luck. Running multiple monitors and an 1080ti with latest drivers.

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Re: DirectX Error Anthem

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