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Different user ally code

by Thermador0

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Different user ally code

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Got a new phone awhile ago and decided to download swgoh which I'm currently playing on my galaxy tablet.


Anyways upon downloading it the game gave me somebody else's name and a different ally code different from the one that is on my tablet. Is there anyway I can get my ally code in my phone so i can play from my phone. 


My user name is Reyleonard ally code is 329-392-766


I'll leave a screenshot of the Ally code that's  on my phone.

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Re: Different user ally code

@Thermador0 Is your new phone also an Android device? If so, logging in to the same Google account and loading the game should login to your original account.

If your new phone is an iPhone, then using the Link Account function between the two devices will allow you to play the same account in the separate devices.
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