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Didnt get points in gac due to c3p0 escape

by philan81

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Didnt get points in gac due to c3p0 escape

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My last battle this round of gac was against leia, c3p0 and r2.

I killed leia and then r2 however had 1 toon left who died due to effects at the same point c3p0 escaped.

It was last battle on the tile and therefore cant battle against it again and didnt receive either the points for battle or the tile and am therefore losing the battle that I should win.

My opponent took 26 battles to clear me and I took 15. All mine where 1st time wins except the last one.

My ally code is 987-969-239.

Can you please correct the score otherwise I am going to miss out on the win and a place in the final battle unfairly.

I have more screenshots should they be required.

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