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Didn’t get my Ranked points

by iTzzShadowv2

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Didn’t get my Ranked points

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So apparently I have to use the forums to get my problem solved. I have the entire transcript with the EA person but I guess I have to rewrite everything. I was playing ranked on Apex while the rank system was still open. However in the middle of the game I guess you guys decided to close ranked without any warning so when I had won the game I came out to see it was closed. This is important because that game I was awarded 189 points where I only needed 178 to make it into the diamond tier rank which would give me new content to enjoy next season. However it seems I was not awarded my points because WHILE I was in the game you closed it...if I knew that then I wouldn’t have won and just took to points needed to get to diamond rank. I spoke to the EA person and you said you’re experiencing this issue but yet there’s not fix. I’m sure I’ll get buried in next season problem forum talk but I’ve been grinding to get diamond and I finally get it to only miss the cutoff but what seems like minutes. Please resolve and reach out to me. Thanks. 

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Re: Didn’t get my Ranked points

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Not like they will fix it.   2 billion dollars made on this game and still can’t fix anything right 

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