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Did Not Receive "Honorable Pursuits" Trophy

by fermiexcluded

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Did Not Receive "Honorable Pursuits" Trophy

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I didn't receive the "Honorable Pursuits" trophy for completing Yarrow's Shallow Grave quest chain.


I got a game crash towards the end of the mission.  Upon restarting Anthem I rejoined my group and received another crash to dashboard. Once again I reloaded Anthem and the game loaded as normal without a rejoin group option.  The game loaded me up in Tarsis with the quest step "Talk to Yarrow".


The trophy is supposed to pop when you kill Diggs, but I wasn't there for the kill and I cannot repeat the mission as the quest chain has already progressed to completion.  

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Re: Did Not Receive "Honorable Pursuits" Trophy

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I haven't retrieved any Yarrow trophies. It seems like Bioware doesn't give a * about their customers.

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