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Deadeye Badge Not Unlocked (Xbox One)

by ThatCinderGhost

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Deadeye Badge Not Unlocked (Xbox One)

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I played a match as Bloodhound and got 10 kills total, and I was kill leader for most of the match including the end. I killed the final player. Now, naturally, I got the Apex Predator badge. However, I didn’t receive the Deadeye badge. To be specific, I had 9 kills total when my team ran into the last squad. It was two people, a Wraith, and a Pathfinder. My team, a Pathfinder and a Caustic, fast forward some fights and run away to heals, finally got into the building and attacked, and killed the Pathfinder. I ran in as the wraith cornered our Caustic, and I fired and dealt a lot of damage on her to protect him. Caustic and our Pathfinder were shooting at her too, but I was credited with knocking her down, as it flashed “knocked down <player name>” across my screen. She died literally right after because she didn’t have a gold shield and was the only one left alive in her squad, and upon her death and the Champions of the Arena flag appearing, my kill count went up to 10. I should have received two badges, not one. But I only received the Apex Predator and not the Deadeye one. It’s a shame there’s no way to report actual problem bugs like this so they can be fixed and we can be credited with our proper rewards. Did anyone else have this problem by the way?

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