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Re: Day 1 Patch: Unresolved Bug - Mission "Bad Deal"

by iluminatethesky

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Day 1 Patch: Unresolved Bug - Mission "Bad Deal"

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The mission Bad Deal >> Locate the Outlaw Auction is listed as resolved in your Day 1 Patch notes. However, I've just run this mission and have encountered the same problem, where no additional waves of hostiles spawn. This prevents advancement of the mission parameters.

I'm about to re-launch the mission to see if the issue is repeatable. I'll post results afterwards. Regardless, if the issue is still occurring, I would suggest that further investigation is needed.


Edit: Second time through the hostile dropped the 'Lancer link, allowing us to move forward.

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Re: Day 1 Patch: Unresolved Bug - Mission "Bad Deal"

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Its not Day 1 yet  - 22nd Feb is launch day a.k.a Day 1

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I don't know why they don't release the patch now before 'Day 1' so we can find the bugs that come with it before launch.. 


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Re: Day 1 Patch: Unresolved Bug - Mission "Bad Deal"

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Amen to that

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Re: Day 1 Patch: Unresolved Bug - Mission "Bad Deal"

Hey @RDP_Krayden


Glad to hear you were able to advance through this Mission.


Also, the Day One Patch should be available on February 22nd, when the game officially releases Worldwide for everyone.


Hope you're enjoying the game so far! Standard smile


- iluminate


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