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Damage dealt correct?

by digi_a54

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Damage dealt correct?

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I've noticed a lot that my damage doesn't match up to the numbers shown at the end of the game.  I get damage isn't included when a player is already knocked down, but is it also not including shield damage.  I ask because the other day I had a fresh challenge for damage.  I played 1 game and had 2xx damage dealt, but when I got to the lobby, the challenge had almost 400.  Are they based off of different criteria? 


Could this be why I experience hit box issues in many sessions?   

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Re: Damage dealt correct?

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I'm finding damage  dealt is way off a whole magazine from an r301 should do more than 14 damage. I think they changed lag compensation and it heavily favors the guy with lower ping. I used to get damage numbers rolling off people now only my last bullet gives me a number.

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Re: Damage dealt correct?

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@xcr762 I ping in the 30's and it really started for me in Season 2. Besides being almost unplayable with net/leaf errors, I often have missing numbers in the game and it's with the peacekeeper and flatline I notice it the most. I just found it extra odd that the damage showed 2 different totals. Almost as if 1 variable was being set 1 way and and the other another way. So either 1 is registering correctly or they are based off of different things, but called the same thing.
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Re: Damage dealt correct?

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The game has become unplayable for me since legendary hunt. I can't play it on my home internet. Now with the bad hit detection its pointless to even try winning a gun fight. My ping is 95 to 160 depending time of day.

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