DX12 Error

by Sn00zey90

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Re: DX12 Error

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@Sn00zey90 Hey does the crash still happen for you at lower resolutions/not widescreen resolutions? Thanks!
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Re: Nfs unbound crashes

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Sometimes the game works fine...
But out of nowhere everytime I play during a loading screen I get DirectX error
Graphics Card: RTX A4500 on Ultra Settings
(I tried to delete both cache files, on even on different in-game settings or even trying to run the game with -d3d11 , -dx11 & also -dx12)
Still getting the random crashes... I'm just disappointed. I have 32+ hours played in the game and most of this time was always restarting whatever event online or in campaign because it crashes.

I can play any games no problem on ULTRA settings but this game is just broken and the solution is not working.

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Re: DX12 Error

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I did not tried because other people wirte they also have the crashes with lower resolutions. Currently I have my old GTX1080 inside my PC because the game running perfeclty with it.


I still do not know why it crashes with more performant cards.

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Re: DX12 Error

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Its not the 4080. NFS heat works fine, I just installed it and played it for 45 mins with no issues at max settings. It's the game, the game is broken. 

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Re: DX12 Error

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@Sn00zey90 It seems to be a complex issue with RTX 4080s, Frostbite, and ultrawide resolutions. I have a 32:9 Samsung monitor which is 5120 x 1440. If I attempt to play at any aspect ratio higher than 16:9 the game crashes. If I play at 2560 x 1440 the game runs perfectly fine. When you get your other RTX 4080 installed, give it a shot. Maybe we can gather enough info that the devs can at least acknowledge this issue
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Re: DX12 Error

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Has anyone else noticed it happens when you use the boost. I managed to finish the second meet up not using boost but I finished 5th. I retired and used boost and again it crashed in the same place as always, right after the really big jump,. 


I have stress tested my system, firestrike extream, uniengine, cinibench everything, no problems. 


There is something terribly wrong with the game, with wide screen possibly as others have said. 


The sad part is people said it was fine before launch..so what has changed? How long will a fix take?




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Re: DX12 Error

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Yes, we already have figured out that it occurs mostly when using boost some pages before Standard smile

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Re: DX12 Error

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Good so that must be a starting point for EA. They must look at that first. My money is on the effect, I bet it causes the crash.

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Re: DX12 Error

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@Th3_2fast4u i have an rtx 3060ti anf i play it on a regular 27" screen with 1920x1080p resoution.
i clean installed the latest driver multiple times at this point and even re installed my direct x as well as did literally everything i could find on the internet and it's still keeps crashing with hung errors and "gpu physically removed" errors
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Re: DX12 Error

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Ok small update and some good news. My feeling is that 2560X1440 is the max the resolution this game be played at. 


I just changed my settings in the game to 2560X1440p which means awful black borders as my native is 3840X1600 but I was able to play with zero crashes, but obviously that is terrible. To th guy who took out his 4080, please try that and see. Don't change it in NVIDA control panel, just change it in the game and play and see what happens.


Please EA fix this. Heat works fine at 3840X1600 there is no reason this should not work as well.

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