DX12 Error

by Sn00zey90

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Re: DX12 Error

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Are EA going to acknowledge this or not. 


I have a 4080 16GB, 5800X3D, 32GB ram, win11 fully updated, Acer 38s 3840X1600 resolution, latest drivers.


No other problems in any other games, from MSFS 2020, X-Plane, cyberpunk, RDR, etc etc etc . 


This game just constantly crashes, no communication, no pro active response, no fix, no nothing! 


I will cancel my pro sub soon and never bother again, it's all a total waste of time. I am absolutely sick of the lack care you show your customers, you just don't care it seems. 


This is a major problem, it's either your game, or you need to tell Nvidia to be pull finger out, because something is desperately wrong.

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Re: DX12 Error

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i have an rtx 3060 ti 
ryzen 7 3700x and 16gigs of ram

i run the game at 1920x1080 and the last time i played the game which was friday, i still had the crashes(dx12 hung and the gpu physically removed and driver crash ones) occuring at anywhere between starting up the game and playing for like 15 minutes

and i find it interesting that i have the task manager open because im not a tech savvy person and was curious about the gpu usage and while i run the game between high and ultra graphics settings, the task manager said that the gpu wasn't used more than 20% while my cpu usage is at around 70% and i can head my cpu cooler (the basic factory amd wraith) about to take off with the pc

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Re: Direct X Error (PC + AMD)

Community Manager



Check if resetting your GPU defaults via its control panel has an effect.


From the thread linked above, try running at a "standard" resolution, i.e. not any ultrawide resolution.



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Re: DX12 Error

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Hi guys,


I involved the NVIDIA technical support. Right now I am in 2nd level technical support and they try to reproduce the error with their own hardware.


Please if you have the DX Hung error get in touch with NVIDIA Support here https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/support/ 


Initially they will send you a standard message like the EA Staff here. After that write that "it is a very complex error, please forward my case to 2nd or 3rd level support".


We need more attention to get this fixed.

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Re: DX12 Error

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I have the same issue, already tried everything...


PC specs

CPU: AMD 5900X


Mobo: ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero (AMD X570)

RAM: Corsair DDR4 4x8Gb 3800C14


EDIT: Just to be clear, I have this issue onlu with NFSU, all others EA games works perfectly

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Re: DX12 Error

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It's good that you're trying to push this forward as much as possible because EA has ignored this for too long. I really hope this finally gets resolved because I'm fkn fed up with this bs error that only occurs on FROSTBYTE ENGINE games... I'm pretty sure these errors have even damaged my system because I've been getting this sht on BF since launch and it's never been fixed and these crashes have caused my CPU to overheat multiple times.


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Re: DX12 Error

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Guys this is serious. I am getting direct x error crashes now 3 4 times per hour gameplay, game is becoming barely playable? Yea on 3080 with newest graphic drivers nothing is oced.

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Re: DX12 Error

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Same problem here. Every game on my pc is working without any problem. But this game will only work for 1 race and in the second race... crash dx12 error...  thats about 2-3 crashes a hour.



6700 XT (AMD)


NOW about 10 races where it crash - I´m not the best driver in this game but I did not get about 150000 credits I think. With this error the game makes 0 Fun because u never know if you can complete a race.

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Re: DX12 Error

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@Toutates yeah exactly, i am at the last qualifier stage, second or third day iirc, and i crashed with 60something thousand in the air and i don't want to bank it in the garage because i have like 60k more on the map but i don't want to race because if i crash mid race i won't get back the buy-in price, and god forbid i do the quali 4 final race and i crash then i won't get back my 200k buy in and i won't be able to go again if i don't farm up. But thanks to the paranoia the crashes put on me, i barely farmed up money for each stage while i wanted to try so many different cars, i just have the starter one kept at S and one for S+ races
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Re: DX12 Error

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Ah i play only the multiplayer. But it´s also stupid to play him. 3 Races, you run the 3 and its near the end. Endscreen... bammmmm crash. no money for 3 races and u are already at the end screen. i can normaly do 1 race and it crashes in the second race  (stage 1, 2 or 3 (most stage 2 or 3 ).

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