DX12 Error

by Sn00zey90

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Re: DX12 Error

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@EA - ?? no response for 2 days? are you ignoring serious issues in your product discovered by players? Is that a common practice or is it EA native only, I wonder...

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Re: DX12 Error

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I’d really appreciate any sort of acknowledgement from EA that this is an issue that we can’t fix in our own. This is a serious problem that needs a patch. All I want to know is that they’re working on it.

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Re: DX12 Error

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This is a very complex error between our own Hardware Setup and Frostbite Engine. If you are using google, you can find posts about this error back till 2015. I don't know if Devs can fix it. Seems to be deep inside the engine.


I will try a different 4080 from MSI next week and see if its just my ASUS card since it works fine with my 1080 MSI.


btw. if you guys are posting here, please make sure to always post your Hardware Setup.

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Direct X Error (PC + AMD)

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So I’ve got this error repeatedly now, it’s usually random, I’ve seen it happen in the safehouse, it’s happened in the online races, it’s making the game basically unplayable for me at this point. You know its going to crash when it just starts stuttering and it continues to stutter before finally crashing out with the attached error message

My setup:


Cpu: Ryzen 9 5950x

Gpu: Asus Dual Radeon RX 6700 XT OC 

Memory: 32 GB 3200 mhz ram with XMP on 




What I’ve tried:

deleted shadercache

Reinstalling graphics drivers

Repairing the game in ea app 

Adding launch command -high 

Tweaking graphics from low to high 




This is awfully disappointing after paying 70$ for the game, im hoping some of y’all out there may have a potential fix or suggestion! Thanks in advance!


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Re: DX12 Error

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@Sn00zey90 are you saying they know about this issue since 2015 and in 2022 it's still an issue? OK. in that case I am requesting a refund, no time to troubleshot this for EA for free.
Good luck guys!
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Re: DX12 Error

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Take a look here. It is a very complex error with the System and Frostbite. If you do not find out what causes the error for your system, you will run in this error probably in a lot of Frostbite Games. If you have EA Pro you can try Battlefied 2042 for example and probably see the same result.

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Re: DX12 Error

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@Sn00zey90 - I don't believe it's such complex problem that it couldn't be fixed in 7 years. EA just doesn't give a F
Requested a refund and removed all EA soft from my system. Done.
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Re: Direct X Error (PC + AMD)

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Re: DX12 Error

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People, I found a very interesting thread in the steam forum.


A whole lot of people have that DX12 Hung error. In steam Forum all of them using Ultra Wide or 4k / 5k resolution.


Anyone in my thread using a lower Resolution than 3440x1440 having that error?

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Re: DX12 Error

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I’m still getting this error and constant crashes at 1920x1080 resolution. I’ve messed with all sorts of graphics settings and the issue still persists. At this point, I’ve refunded unfortunately.

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