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by Sn00zey90

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Re: DX12 Error

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If there was a quiet deploy, it has not corrected the error on my end. DirectX error after ~10 seconds of gameplay.
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Re: DX12 Error

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Thanks @EA_David Did not noticed any Game Update loading today. 


30 Min Gametime still in median. But I did some more testing with settings and GPU.


So the custom RTX 4080 cards are a overclocked by default - as always. (ASUS, MSI, ...)


I can reproduce the error within <5 Minutes by running the GPU at the  ASUS clock speed.


If I downclock the GPU the error delays up to < 1 hour.


The error then usually occurs if the GPU Usage peaks to 100%. (in downclock mode, in non downclock mode the error occurse <100% GPU Usage)


I can reproduce the error faster when using the "Nitro" from the cars in the game. But the error also occurs if you don't use "Nitro".

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Re: DX12 Error

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@Sn00zey90 I'm sorry to hear it, and thanks again for the detailed post.

@Th3_2fast4u It looks like the referenced update for the 30 min crash was for a particular specific subset of cases, seemly and unfortunately not relevant here.
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Re: DX12 Error

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@Sn00zey90@EA_David I don't think it's a coincidence that we're both having issues and both running RTX 4080. Unfortunately, lowering the clock speed does not fix the error for me, and I still error in <10 seconds of gameplay. However, if I drive slowly, I can play indefinitely without a DirectX crash. I can confirm that using Nitrous causes the error to reproduce faster. Thanks!

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Re: DX12 Error

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same here - also RTX 4080

game works fine for hours as long as I don't press any buttons - when I let the intro play, and do not press W when prompted the car sits on the side of the road, all works fine

as soon as I start driving - and it's regardless of the controller (wheel or keyboard) - the game will crash with the DX12 error

no overclocking, removed all other devices, clean boot, not HDR, all drivers updated, win11 - all current


nothing makes any difference

weird that the game works fine when no buttons are pressed

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Re: DX12 Error

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Oh downclock does not fix the error. It just delays it in addition with fixing the FPS at 50 in NVIDIA Control Center.


Did again some testing. Faster cars with Nitro crash earlier than driving slowly. Not moving at all, standing still in idle mode let the game run >2 hours.


Tried Battlefield2042. Same Error. Seems to be an engine problem since both are frostbite.



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Re: DX12 Error

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@Sn00zey90 confirmed - BF2024 also gives me the same error. Perhaps it's a driver issue? Something doesn't work well with the Frostbite engine?
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Game crashing when slecting 'play' in SP or when entering a race in MP.

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I keep crashing whenever I select 'Play' in singleplayer as well as whenever I enter a race in the multiplayer mode. I am playing through the EA game launcher on PC and my system meets the recommended system requirements. In addition I have the latest drivers installed. I have seen people suggesting solutions of deleted a DX12 file in the game caches however that has not work for me.

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Re: DX12 Error

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Back with some more testing.


Tried another Hard Drive with a fresh install of windows. RTX4080 crash in NFS:Unbound after 5 Min.




Tried another GPU: GTX1080 MSI. It uses the same driver as the RTX4080.


Able to play without any crashes.


@EA_David Probably a problem between the new RTX GPUs and Frostbite Engine. Please see my comparison in attached file. I am no technic expert, but maybe my comparison of the two graphic cards help. Lot of peaks in the GPU memory in the RTX4080, while the GTX1080 does not have any spikes and runs stable all the time.


This is NOT my solution. Game needs to run on my new RTX4080 too. Appreciate more help :-)

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Re: DX12 Error

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this issue seems to be exclusive to desktops because my laptop doesnt seem to crash to desktop ive played pretty much all night but the moment i launch it on my Desktop its crashes left and right. My desktop is running a Ryzen 5 7600x with 32 gigs of ram and a 6600xt yet my Laptop is running a Ryzen 5 4600HS with 16gigs and a 4gb GTX1650. Its driving me up the wall trying to figuere out what the problem is.

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