DX12 Error

by Sn00zey90

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Betreff: DX12 Error

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Same thing, it's all good now.

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Betreff: DX12 Error

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Just updated to the latest NVIDIA drivers and the game is now stuttering badly (which was never an issue before) and still crashing unfortunately.

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Betreff: DX12 Error

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Hi! I read the whole thread, tried everything. Nothing is working yet. At the 2nd race, it hangs with a DXGI error. I have Z690, i7-12700, Asus TUF 3060 OC, 32Gb + UWQHD. Tried downgrading to 2K (2560x1440) with black borders still crashes. Logitech F710 USB controller. I have to try with keyboard, maybe it's in the controller?


I must also try to play without DLSS, but damn, what's the point? I did lock FPS at 100 in the panel Nvidia and play them steadily keeps on the high (terrain on medium). Everything runs super smooth. CPU and GPU temperatures don't exceed 50 degrees celsius.


Nvidia drivers what ever I tried (with deleting DDU in Safemode).


Tell me, do you have a 528.02 regular?



Okay, all right. Played through the night and a full day (in the carier) WITHOUT DXGI_HUNGS!!! I tried XMP1 (3000) and XMP2 (3600), turned DLSS on and off. I set power limits in Afterburner and brought back the OC values. The game didn't crash, but.


It probably helps that I turned off 10bit color and brought back 165Ghz and 8bit on my Huawei MateView GT monitor. I also left all the default color and frequency adjustments in Nvidia settings (The first four tabs on the settings panel).


Later I will try again to enable 10bit and 144Ghz (since 165Ghz has only 8bit on this monitor) and will report back. By the way, the driver is the latest 531.26.


Fingers crossed I might be able to get a career in the game without a problem)

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