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DR1002 Cannot get online whatsoever !

by IamAdiJay91

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DR1002 Cannot get online whatsoever !

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I try to go online on the main menu as im trying to get the two online trophies it loads about a quarter of the way then it goes back to the main menu saying you have disconnected from the session. see with an error code of DR1002 ive tried to find a way to fix it. i dont know my ea or origin account and just created this to start a new topic. im not subscribing to ea access or origin as it should be enough that i've payed for the game which should give people all the content both online and offline if thats the case why it doesnt work. i dont know how to find my ea and origin account to link it to nfs as i never bother looking on the ea and origin website. Anyone know how to fix this or is EA working on a fix for this?

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Error code : Dr1002 , on Xbox one x help

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I bought the game and have never been able to get online always get this code : Dr1002 plz help spent my good money on this game n haven’t been able to play with any one plz help  

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Re: DR1002 Cannot get online whatsoever !

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@IamAdiJay91 I have the same issue ain’t able to play online almost a week now it sucks because i have 100% completed the game. This * sucks
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Error Code DR1002

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I'm having this really frustrating issue with my game and I want to know if anyone else is having it!


I can not play online. I constantly get the same error code. I pre ordered the game through PSN, hopped on when it downloaded. I progressed through solo, even created a crew and a bunch of friends joined. I'm the admin of the crew, all my rep saves but I can NOT play online (Error code: DR1002) don't get at all. 


EA did tell me that they have registered it as a bug


I got all the way to Rep 50, bought my Koenigsegg and still nothing. I contacted EA at which I was suggested to do a bunch of different trouble shooting which I did. Deleted the game and reinstalled it, rebuilt data on the PS4, went through a bunch of my internet and router settings, they even got me to delete all my data and try again which I wouldn't have minded if it actually worked. But now I'm stuck with no saved data, and only some trophies of completion and I still can't play online with friends which is why I bought the game. I contacted PSN after which were even less help. I may as well have just spoken to a wall. All in all, I have some friends that are suggesting deleting the game again and buying the disc because maybe the physical copy will work better. 


What do you guys think? Any other suggestions?

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Re: Error Code DR1002

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@KPMorgzThis been happening to me from last week. Still waiting to hear back from EA. It’s clearly a issue on their end. Cause I did everything u did even more. I made a new account and got on instantly. But I need them to fix this cause I want to play on my main account

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Re: Error Code DR1002

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@KPMorgzThis is the last update I got when from EA site

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Re: Error Code DR1002

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What do you mean you made a new account? I'm going to try it. 


Like another PSN account?

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disconected from session error DR 1002

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i´d like to know why it keeps happening every time i try to enter online and why it only happen´s on the first try 

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Re: Error Code DR1002

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Your not the only one i get it to i dont know why honestly i literally restarted my game i restarted my router i dosconnectes amd reconnected back to the internet i just dont know what 

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