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Re: Crystals missing

by DarthGriff89

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Crystals missing

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This morning when I logged on(June 26 2020), I noticed that I only had 150 crystals or so. When I went to bed last night on June 25, I had around 1600 crystals. I haven’t bought anything accidentally that I’m aware of because no gear upgrades have happened to the character I was farming before I went to bed or any other character. My ally code is 932-856-197. My player name is DarthGriff, I really hope we can get this resolved. Thanks

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Re: Crystals missing


Hey @DarthGriff89,

the QA Support is gone for the weekend. But you can also contact EA Customer Support . They are also able to have a look in your account and see what has happened with those crystals. They also handle compensation requests.



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Re: Crystals missing

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I will just wait until Monday thanks, I can’t figure out the ea customer support it just keeps bringing me to the page that contacts you. 

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Re: Crystals missing

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Community Manager

Hi @DarthGriff89,


Unfortunetly, this is not an issue we offer support for from the forums. For this please get in touch with our support team ASAP so they can take a look into that for you.


You can send in a Help ticket directly from your SWGOH account by navigating to your settings option, choosing 'Help' and routing through to the help website. If it's your first time doing this, it can feel a bit daunting and we've put together this step-by-step guide to help walk you through that process in those cases. You can find it here: How to contact Support 







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Re: Crystals missing

EA Live QV Team

Hi @DarthGriff89 and sorry to hear that.


The ally code you provided doesn't appear to be linked to an account, can you double-check to make sure it is the correct one? Thanks!

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Re: Crystals missing

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That is the ally code Here it is again, 931-856-197

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