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Crossplay with Children (Xbox-PS4-Xbox)

by jwibbity

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Crossplay with Children (Xbox-PS4-Xbox)

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I'm trying to enable crossplay for my children so all 3 of us can play together in one household. but I cannot access my children's specific EA accounts. I can log into my own and I do not see child accounts linked in there. The issue is I've tried the emails that they have listed on the Microsoft accounts and they don't get a reset password email from EA (basically confirming that they have an account)


On the xbox they are listed as my children and are currently under the age of 13. I had read somewhere on reddit that crossplay doesn't work for "underage" EA accounts and was hoping to change that so we can play together. Do I just need to change their age in their Xbox accounts and see if that fixes it? or do I need access to their direct EA account to make the change?


*I have successfully crossplayed with one of my xbox friends playing from my PS4 apex account so I believe the system works and went straight to their account being an issue.*

*They can search and find my username through "Find Friends" but when they add me I get no notification.*

*Cross play is Enabled but greyed out on their logins, but on mine I'm able to Enable or Disable crossplay*


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Re: Crossplay with Children (Xbox-PS4-Xbox)

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This is the same for my son. I am on PS4 and want to play Apex with my son on xbox. My crossplay beta is OK and able to adjust disabled and enabled but his is greyed out. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can get this fixed to play duos together please? 

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