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Re: Crashing to desktop - no error

by langley167

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Crashing to desktop - no error

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Hi team,


I have seen crashes to desktop with no errors randomly throughout gameplay. Ive managed to play some solo story missions as well as dogfights (the dockyard seems to work fine). I set my Volumetric settings low and still have the issue. I have a brand new top of the line Alienware machine so running the game on ultra is a walk in the park (PC - Steam). 


Ive reinstalled and ensured all Bios, OS, and Video drivers are all up to date.

Spoke with the Chat Staff on EA support and got no-where.


I assume a fix is coming but its been an awful experience to have a new kick * game PC that wont even let me run my most anticipated game.

Let me know if there are any other work arounds and if not hopefully some timing on a fix?!

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Re: Crashing to desktop - no error

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Validating your games files is a good start:


If the issue persists, check on some OS metrics like CPU/GPU usage and temperature. 


If your Alienware does not have monitoring apps, Piriform Speccy is easy to use.





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Re: Crashing to desktop - no error

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I can tell you right now nothing they suggest works.  I was struggling to get the game launched.  Reinstalled, repair, drivers, turn off everything yada yada.


The only thing that worked is randomly it loaded up one time and I was able to put it into window mode at 1920x1080.  I run at 5120 x 1440 .  So I have to play with a small screen in my big 49" monitor.


Yavin crashes in SP and MP every time if any other way is loaded.

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Re: Crashing to desktop - no error

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It may seem random, but it may be worth checking your Windows PageFile... I had exactly the same problem, made the game totally unplayable. Read about the effect of having a PageFile on Crashes To Desktop. I checked my system and I didn't have one (didn't think I'd need one with 16GB of 3600 RAM). Created a PageFile, allowed Win10 to manage the location/size and to my surprise it worked ! No more crashes so far, including at all of the points where I had experienced before... Have just spent the last hour playing the Fleet Battle Tutorial in VR on the RIFT S with no issues whatsoever. I just can't believe it was something so simple, and obscure...worth a try.

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