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Crashes unacceptable

by BowToUrKing12

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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We still haven't heard from @EA_Atic on this thread btw.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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@EA_Darko please see my above reply.
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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Problem: Game Crash without Error, Event Manager says: Bad_Module_info


Problems in other Games? No


I Tried:

- Different Drivers for GPU

- No OC on CPU/GPU/Ram

- Closed all unecessary background programs

- Disabled Overlays

- installed VCredist and directX 

- Different Ingame Settings

disabled full screen optimization and Gamemode

- Used compatibility mode (win8)

- Repaired the game

- Run multiple Tests to find any faults in my System, but everything is fine.

.........and alot more what i already forgot.



Asrock z170 pro4

i5 6600k @ 4.2ghz

16gb DDR4 @ 2600mhz cl13

Vega 56 Pulse @ 1600/900mhz

Game is installed on a SSD

144hz Monitor (on what the game runs) + 60hz 2nd monitor

USB Soundcard


My guess is (if it's nothing with the game), maybe a sound issue?

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Crash without error,DXdiag attached,

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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The game just crashes without an error. DxDiag attached.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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@EA_Darko why is it so hard to be honest?  just admid that there are lots of forumposts from people that have similar problems. the way you dodge the truth regarting lots of people having those issues makes me think if you guys are even trying to find a sulotion.

Just say: "We know you have issues, but we have no clue what is causing it, yet! Work in Progress!" 


i can only insist on trying to fix this as soon as possible. it HAS to be a major problem within your game-code.

and i call it now: if this "breaks out" because you stay ignorant and only add new things rather than repairing the base system of your game,

season 1 and ongoing will be a desaster.



my contribution

game crashes randomly without any error.


even though i am belov min requirements, i managed to play this game for hours straight without any problems.

but it will crash for sure. its totally random. and frustrating.


i tried pretty much everything:

+ Overlays

+ every possible resolution / windowed / fullscreen / borderless window 

+ newest drivers on everythinging. (GPU, Sound.. and so on)

+ several command line arguments like -threat and a few others

+ close every other program

+ cant remember all honstly, it was a lot.


note: a RX 580 will is being shipped for me right now, but that will not end the problems. and you know that!



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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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My new pc: i7 8700k 1080ti 16gb ddr4 - Crashes with no error.


My old pc: i7 2600k gtx 980 8gb ddr3 - No crashes what so ever perfect. Quite frankly this pc is a mess drivers out of date cpu and gpu tweaks all over the place, but runs the game flawlessly.


Really bizarre i'm convinced it's the games fault. 

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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ok, you really deleted that post? :D

still, here is my dxdiag for you to fix.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Yeah I really fear that the only way this is gonna get addressed is if a big enough name experiences it and publicizes one of these threads. Small streamers like me can't even stream the game because our hardware we use to stream dozens of other games at way higher settings is conveniently only not working when we play/stream Apex. Lol.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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I honestly think the only way for this issue to get resolved is if the crashes happen during twitch rivals. I'm betting they have no idea why the crashes are happening so it's not out of the question.

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