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Crashes unacceptable

by BowToUrKing12

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Edit: Crashes with no error message and goes back to Origin. Rolled back my GPU drivers, everything else is up do date, clean uninstalled/installed my GPU, tried playing without any programs open, set everything to low, tried capping the FPS, increased my paging file size to 20GB, tried playing on a monitor with a smaller resolution, disabled every overlay I have, changed the refresh rate of my monitor (and almost lost a monitor), enabled/disabled any funny stuff in my AMD Radeon Settings like chill, relive and sync, uninstalled/installed the game multiple times, both on my SSD and my HDD, repaired the game multiple times, and I think that's all.
I won't try the other fixes because most of them are detrimental to my hardware.

My DxDiag:

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Here you go. Add that to the pile of dxdiag logs please. 


Edit: Random crashes with no error. Tried everything, nothing works.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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That's a big lols. Are you saying that every person in this threads

have system issues?

Guess what? Disabling overlays, updating drivers, windows or turning on Vsyncs turning of G-syncs is not a SYSTEM ISSUES even if it does help some people for some times. Game should work and not randomly crash without errors with working overlays, working origin, any stable drivers in fullscreen, in borderless in any fps with any PAGING FILE, overclocking, no overclocking, min settings max settings etc. All this "solutions" and "system issues" aren't solutions or system issues at all. 

"Vast majority" of people who have issues won't even visit with forum or report anything especially when there's no proper report features ingame. How can you possible know about vast majority? You can't. Especially when many people play on ps4(which btw also has crash issues). And who cares about vast majority anyway? I and a lot of people have crash issues and tried every dumb "solution" even tho it's obvious that they won't help. How knowledge about "vast majority? changes ANYTHING? It just sounds arrogant.

I read all this threads and rarely see "system" issue. It looks more like game stability issue.


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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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@EA_Darko My game crashes randomly without error, just like I would've pressed alt+f4. Sometimes it freezes for 1-2sec before shutting down.


I'll copy and paste the other users tested fixes, since it's exactly what I've tested as well.. plus a few more I can't remember atm..


I've got a new rig, i5 9600k, 1080ti 11gb, 16gb ddr4 3200mhz.


Here's my dxdiag.


Don't tell me it's a system issue, cause it's not. I've played tons of games on the highest settings, without any issues .. ever.


It feels like all you do is stalling..or trying to avoid us, so you don't have to do anything. Cause all the information is out there, and I really feel it should be in your interest to have a game that works flawless for everyone with a decent gaming rig.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Guess I'm gonna attach my dxdiag too. Although honestly, I don't really see the point of it.

Also, yes I do have an FX-6300, but even if I don't get the occasional freeze and then disconnect, I just get the crash to desktop without any error. Playing this game is like walking on a bloody minefield.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Its not a system issue its a game issue but they dont care since they got so many players, no error messegaes crash, but if you look in realibility history there is error showin, Faulting Application Path: bad_module_info

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: bad_module_info
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 00000000
Fault Module Name: unknown
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
Exception Code: 00000000
Exception Offset: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 10.0.17763.
Locale ID: 1033

Extra information about the problem
Bucket ID: 2fa587f61571ffe999423f2b2f32e164 (120792870519) thats a game issue..

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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How do u know how many people have such problem if we even can't send u error report and clearly at the moment of a crash there is no traffic going (checked it by myself)? Are u sneaking on us somehow?? 

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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game always crashes with illegal exception error and never ever had launched and origin client shows - hours played = 9 hrs ?? STRANGE Standard smile

sure 20 im one of them lol


pic attached.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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There's literally no point in another DxDiag thread there are several already.
Tell us what are you seeing in this reports @EA_Darko?
Also pls do elaborate about "bad_module_info" error?
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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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I appreciate you replying on this thread. It seems to me that a substantial amount of other people are also having this same issue. It is in the vast majority of this forums other threads. It would mean everything to me be able to play this game again. This is really frustrating.


I have sent in two tickets with the DxDiag with this error, but both of them were marked "closed" without a resolution. I can reply later with a DxDiag - however, I am not at home right now.


The error is verbatim: [Engine Error] "0x887A0006 - DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG The application's device failed due to badly formed commands sent by the application. This is an design-time issue that should be investigated and fixed"


This will happen once I am in a match, sometimes it takes 30 seconds, sometimes it takes 3 minutes. Game runs buttery smooth, everything fine. Then bam - The game will Freeze, and the above Error will pop up. Clicking Ok on the error window will close the game window.


I was playing since your launch without any hiccups whatsoever - but since yesterday (2/11/2019) I have been unable to finish a match. Through 6 hours of trial and error last night, I have tried all the following - with a corresponding control test, and every combination inbetween to no avail: 


1) Rolling back to every Nvidia driver version going back to 416.94, also deleting Nvidia GeForce Experience

2) Switching between Fullscreen + Windowed + Borderless

3) Any and All Video Quality Settings, from Lowest possible, to Highest Possible

4) Turning off V-Sync

5) Turning off G-Sync

6) FPS Limiters

7) Stock CPU Speeds & Stock GPU Speeds / Overclocked CPU & GPU

8) CPU Core limiters

9) Repairing Game Files, Uninstalling Game via Origin Launcher

10) Clean Re-Install of Origin & Apex Legends, deleting all cache files etc. etc.

11) Turning off/Removing any and all Overlays - Origin & Third Party.

12) Turning off/Removing any and all potentially invasive background processes


I guarantee there are more tests/controls I missed on this list - I tried everything. Im serious.


6. hours.


Please advise. Thank you for your help.



32GB 3200Mhz 14CL

1TB 970 Pro M.2


Gigabyte AORUS Gaming 7


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