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Crashes unacceptable

by BowToUrKing12

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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@OhOkYeah wrote:


Maybe if it keeps happening to big streamers then we can have a fix

He unlocked the secret ending where he gets a loading screen. I didn't.
The game just closes completely without error code and goes back to Origin.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Speak up louder guys. Community manager, who is hired to help the customers is mocking with the ones having problems in a weird way. 


Yeah the problem is on my setup @EA_Darko . Also @AngryEv1l , @KonichiwaPunpun , @OblivionReloaded , @kgsvoid and many many thousand of people i can't quote, guess what; your systems are having problems and its not the developers fault. LMAO

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Some guys on the main thread running The Witcher 3 on ultra but can't run Apex Legends on low.
Seems legit.
It must be our setups.
We're so silly.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

Community Manager

Hey all, I understand that you are frustrated that you are running into issues but without any information as to the issue you are having then it is difficult for us to help.


If you are having issues then we need to know the platform, what if any error you are seeing and any steps you have attempted. Without those, all we can do is ask you for more info.

And @Rothture, no one was being mocked. The vast majority of Apex Legends players are not having any issues and any issue I have seen has been a system issue. 

If you are having issues then please provide the info I asked for above and if on PC include a DxDiag:



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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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How many more dxdiag logs do you guys need ? I'm curious if you are even working on a fix. I'm actually pissed at this moment. Crashing all over the place while having a good time with friends is very frustrating as you can imagine. And its been days since we all try to convince you guys that the problem is not our system, its the game itself. It needs a FIX. So please, do something about it already @EA_Darko
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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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The issue is the bad_module_info crash. Happens every damn time, game crashes to desktop with no error, checked window's event viewer and that's what's causing it. Bad module info. And it happens randomly to all players. Got a FX6300 and a RX570, tried every single thing to make your game work. Even bloody reinstalled windows 10. At least * acknowledge people having this issue, since we've been inside this forum begging for a fix for more than a week now. 

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Here's my Diag before you say the drivers and all that crap i've reinstalled rolled back clean booted all that *.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

[ Edited ]
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Cmn, community manager... There is a thread with title like "FX6300 Crashes random". In this thread the ONLY ONE solution is "Disable the 5th and 6th core from BIOS". And maybe yes, it works for hours, but after a random time it still crash. Disabling the core of processor is not a "solution". It is not a "hardware" problem. It is a problem of a game. In that thread, i guess, people provide you enough information about it.

We all waiting the official response from devs, that they are solving the problem. Or trying to solve. But now, we have the OFFICIALLY response from the COMMUNITY MANAGER, that this is "your problem". Its so disgusting...


UPD: And i really want to play this game. Attached the dxdiag.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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No error, crashes randomly, it's not triggered by fights, explosions etc. 

I do know my drivers aren't updated, I have tested the game with newest drivers and it didn't help. Tried every single possible fix


*descriptions of the issue and dxdiags have been posted on the main threat already, not sure why we're doing this again.


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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Well, I guess we're never gonna play this game without crashes. Yay. .

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