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Crashes unacceptable

by BowToUrKing12

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Fix your * game Respawn! It's been a month and a half. Who gives a * about your monetization strategy if you're turning off a couple million players because their games continually crash with an uncanny regularity. It crashes to desktop without an error message at least once every 4-5 games for every single one of the guys I play with. Ridiculous.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Alright my EPIC gamers!1!!


I've found this fix, haven't tested it so I don't know if it works, but hey, it's something


I hope it works out.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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Update: Didn't work, but I still suggest that you guys try it just in case.


The fact that this has been months and there's still no fix is absurd.

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Re: Crashes unacceptable

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this video helped me

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