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Crashes since the latest update

by o00_AMOK_00o

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Crashes since the latest update

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Since the latest update (updated 13/9/19) I am experiencing a crash every 30-40 min on PC. This has never happened before! Attached crash report

Any other information I need to provide besides the report?



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Apex crashes

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i just downloaded apex legends on my new laptop (acer nitro 5 specs are gtx 1050 4GB ,RAM 8GB , 1TB hdd , i5 8300H) i downloaded 2 days ago and it launches but never reaches the lobby and i get out of memory msg tried to uninstall origin and install it again still have the same problem and opened the task manger the used memory is about 40% and i think that this is normal and i don't know where is the problem and why is it not running normal

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Freezing after update

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Freezing super bad like fps goes 3 and 15 second screen freeze. ryzen 3600x gtx1080. training mode works good but when i drop in the game i freeze

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Re: Crashes since the latest update

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Same crash over and over

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Apex Legends PC crash - no error (apex_crash.txt)

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atleast once every few hours, have tried running game with no OC on Cpu and Gpu and it still happens.

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Re: Apex Legends PC crash - no error (apex_crash.txt)

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heyo, does it freezes and you have to restart computer?

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Re: Apex Legends PC crash - no error (apex_crash.txt)

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after last update that every hour hapend, i reinstal game and nothing. util last update apex never crash on my pc

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Re: Apex Legends PC crash - no error (apex_crash.txt)

Community Manager

Hey, Legends.

I merged some of your posts together so we can work together to figure out what's causing this and respond with what's helping each other out.

Can you all include a DxDiag and mention what troubleshooting steps you've tried so far to fix it? Thanks for attaching the crash files too. Thumbs up


How to Pull a DxDiag


PC Troubleshooting


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Continuously crashing

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Two days ago, i was playing Apex with one of my friends and unexpectedly I got a crash, the one from the photo, and now the game is crashing continuosly. I have updated all the possible drivers.I also reinstalled the windows because i had problems with that and still nothing, installing and reinstalling the game. I;m playing from a GTX 1660 Ti 6Gb , not overclocked,with the nominal frequencies with a Ryzen7 2700x with 32 gm ram 3200 mhz,the connection is via cable and I don t know what to do.I was never playing with a larger VRAM  than mine. I never got the crash in loading screens, only during the match

I already contacted the EA support and they recomended me to erase the cache file of the Origin and restart the PC, the same result.

Please help me!!!

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Re: Continuously crashing

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I had crashing problems before, to be precise with the cpu, my usually 100% overclock wasn't stable on Apex. After one of teh big patches, I think for teh start of season 2 they addressed the problem with the Intel cpu's and then the crashes stopped even with my old overclock.


Now after the "Run & Guns" patch the crashes started again. The first thing I tried was lowering my cpu overclock, but eventually the crashes started again. I also tried the last 3 Nvidia drivers, but that also didn't help. After I installed the Nvidia driver version 436.02 without Geforce Experience the crashes were less frequent, but they still happen. 

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