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Crashes - Start Expeditions Fail - CPU Loadings

by vegetagaru

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Crashes - Start Expeditions Fail - CPU Loadings

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my specs are:

AMD 2700X

RX Vega 64

Corsair HERO VII

16gb 3200

main disk and where anthem is is a samsung M2 and got 2 more ssd's


playing at 1440p vsync off - ultra settings- blur off, runing as admin origin and game


Language: EN


my problems:


1.sometimes game just crashes to windows with no apparent reason and with no error message (it happens in FP,Fort,missions completly random)

2.Sometimes game crashes with the already know DX11 error (that i had removed my GPU.... seriusly ? random as above point)

3.when starting game a lot of times i get my CPU under 100% then goes normal (40%) other times it starts ok with the normal usage (this didnt happen on the first week of game then on the 22 it started happening)

4.sometimes when in party and we launch mission i drop and go to MENU and it says "unable to connect" then if i try to rejoin my m8's can join expedition it says "Hold f to join" and it does not happen anything


what i already done: repaired windows, repaired disks, repaired game, reinstalled drivers even using DDU nothing seems to work also i tryed with the latest 3 different drivers version


is getting frustrating to the point that i dont want to play anymore. could you please fix this simple annoying bugs coz i see a lot of people in community having the same issues.


and i play a lot of games and in anthem its the only one giving me such errors/bugs 


i will not talk about loot because i still have the same 2 legendaries from the 1st week, got 80+ hours of game and already done GM3 stongholds and nothing drops, even after the "loot patch" i still get MW with 0% bug so maybe its just my luck.....

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Re: Crashes - Start Expeditions Fail - CPU Loadings

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update: so i removed all my clocks, removed all origin app and games, removed all drivers removed all overlays, reinstalled all drivers(stables) downloaded whole game again and still my game crashes almost every 5m, freezes to the point where i can rotate on my own javelin then goes to desktop.

so now i will stop playing. devs dont say anything about this so this was my last game that i bought here
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Re: Crashes - Start Expeditions Fail - CPU Loadings

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@vegetagaru You said that CPU sometimes reaches 100%, could you monitor using resource monitor or task manager if the game itself is causing this? It could be some Windows processes that are causing CPU spikes, especially when loading up a big program like this game. For your reference, I took a snapshot of the Windows task manager when I was loading the game. The spikes that you see have always been there. I don't think they are abnormal.



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Re: Crashes - Start Expeditions Fail - CPU Loadings

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Update: the crashes as been solved when i uninstalled "trixx" from sapphire as it look like wattman dons't like it....

the cpu thing is from the game and it only occurs sometimes (randomly) after the first start the game is unplayable for a minute then goes normal, but in this sessions i can see a lot of tearing

as ive said my normal consumption of CPU in game dons't pass tru 40% even when it starts the "good way" it dons't reach any near 100% but when its "bugged" on the first loading and in the firsts minutes of gaming its 100% i have to wait till it goes normal under 30-40%.... as I've said its when i start the game and load into fort... and it dons't happen all times, and didn't happen at all before feb 22, the thing is is those sessions that i have to wait i got a lot of tearing during that game and when it starts good i dont have it, and as ive watch among forums thers a lot of people with this

ps. i was already monitoring with task manager thats why i said its from the game.

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