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Crash with no error "FIX"

by Noppliz

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Crash with no error "FIX"

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CPU: i5-6600

GPU: Radeon RX 580 8GB

RAM: 16 GB

OS: Windows 10

Patch: 1.03


With this setup im getting crashes every or every other game, tried all the recent "fixes"(new/old drivers, reg fix, settings fix, compability fix, reinstall in different location, uninstall audio/video programs, overlay fix).


Changing GPU to my old Geforce 1050ti makes the game not crash anymore.


When reading about the problem, most ppl that are affected seem to have AMD CPU/GPU or Geforce 1080 or better.



My test has been setup this way:


1. Game crashing almost every game for several days with RX 580.

2. Swap GPU to 1050ti, no crash for 24h of playing.

3. Apex Legends patch 1.03.

4. Swap back to RX 580, getting crash almost every game again.

5. Swap to 1050ti again, no crash for 24h of playing.


Test result is clear, swap out AMD hardware.

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Re: Crash with no error "FIX"

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I had to disable 2 cores on my FX 6xxx CPU and it was working fine, after update i just constantly crash now as it was before i disabled my cores.

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Re: Crash with no error "FIX"

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Crashing worse with the new update. 7 of the last 10 games. Randomly in game, I'm assuming bad shader.

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