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Crash to Desktop FIFA 21 PC - Origin

by Knight_1183

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Crash to Desktop FIFA 21 PC - Origin

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I have done everything possible and everything I've seen online to fix the problem.


- Windows Clean installation

- Latest drivers installed

- Play on lower resolutions

- Use DirectX 11

- Reinstall the game

- Etc.


The games crashes to desktop randomly. (I lose an average of 8 games of FUT Champions each weekend due to these crashes). I have a folder full of crash dumps files that are not user friendly at all and EA does not care about those crash dump files. Nowhere in the game I see a trouble shoot option asking for such files. I had to deal with this last year with FIFA20 and the same thing has been FIFA 21.


Would you be so kind to let me know what is going on? My PC Rig is beyond capable of running this game. It's the only game in my library with these crashes.


I am attaching my DxDiag file and including a link to my FIFA 21 Crash Dump folder. I have had 15 crashes today (You read it right, 15 crashes to Desktop).


Crash Dump Folder:

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Re: Crash to Desktop FIFA 21 PC - Origin

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As you have reinstalled Windows and the game, it will be worthwhile checking if your RAM is functioning correctly using Memtest86:



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Re: Crash to Desktop FIFA 21 PC - Origin

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I ran all tests. It took a while.


0 errors in my system. Ram is working perfectly

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