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Crash after update Season 1

by Gioxor1

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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After another batch of crash logs, the following people are all running into a known flaw with Intel chips:


@zzilis @FatSpacePanda @Haraldovic37 @patthickey @Shiva_hunter @BansheeSidh @Krazy_Kris19 @Stunod_is_THICC @TheHebrewH4mmer @w0lrath @TR_Scrapper @Ziblayne @Trocaderowned @kyofunokami @TypeOne55 @le3atard @firePoWo


Unfortunately, the only known solution to this problem is to reduce your clock speed. To summarize the results of much investigation, this crash appears to be an Intel flaw because Soccer ball it is reported frequently and exclusively on Intel chips, Football the crash is always impossible for a properly functioning CPU, and Basketball reducing the clock speed always fixes the problem. There's something about the instructions in this function that causes Intel chips to fail about 0.0000001% of the time, but this code runs enough that it makes the game crash a lot.


Believe me, I don't like blaming CPUs, because Intel and AMD are really good at making reliable CPUs. However, in this case, I think the evidence is pretty conclusive that there's a rare hardware flaw for this code sequence. Also, it doesn't have to be strenuous code to run into a flaw like this, it just has to be unlucky.


I'm looking into changing this function to do the same thing in a slightly different way in a future patch, hoping that change will be enough to completely avoid the Intel flaw. But again, until that happens, the only known fix is to lower your CPU clock speed.


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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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After the latest batch of crash logs, the following people are all running into a crash in an unknown DLL that is not Apex Legends, but that is loaded alongside Apex:

@TheRipMasta @ErionRo @lApproach @XfeuredX @rakokarp @Relynq 


Unfortunately, when we asked Windows for the name of the DLL, Windows didn't give us a response, so I can't say which DLL it is. I did check if the unnamed module was Apex in each case, and the crash callstack showed that it was not.


There are quite a few things that these DLLs could be from:

  • Video card drivers
  • Audio drivers
  • In-game overlays
  • Video capture software
  • Antivirus software
  • Windows itself
  • ???

Unfortunately, since it's not crashing in our code, and Windows isn't even telling us what DLL is crashing, we can't do anything else to directly address these crashes. I hope this information helps you, and sorry I can't give you a better response!

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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I don't know why post #1984 turned the numbers 1, 2 and 3 into a soccer ball, football, and basketball, respectively. I just wanted to put numbers in parentheses. I won't do that again!

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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So when you say lower by how much? My cpu is currently overclocked to 5.2ghz which very stable (roughly 36 of continual stress testing). Do you mean stock clock speeds? Or like 5.0? It’s annoying but I’ll set up a custom overclock profile in my bios for playing apex if it gets rid of these crashes. 

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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@TheBroseph89, unfortunately I can see that you had a legitimate crash, but I can't do anything about it. I don't want to get too technical, but it looks like some other code overwrote a return address, so we started executing code in the middle of a function. I have no way of knowing what other code made this mistake, so I can't fix it. I'm sorry that I don't have better news. =(

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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Thanks @TurkeyWithABan, this is a unique crash. I've deciphered the technical information and posted a bug for the relevant engineer to investigate.

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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@StarkillerSPs, thanks for your report. You crashed in Microsoft's speech API when Apex was quitting. This is a crash in Microsoft code, and it happens after Apex has quit, so there's nothing we can do about it. If there's a bright side, it's that at least this crash doesn't affect your ability to play!

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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@kyofunokami Check some of my posts, I would drop below 5.0 to maybe 4.8. I was crashing every few games at 5.0 GHz, no matter what voltages I set. You could revert to stock and slowly creep your way back up in 100 MHz increments. Make sure you increase vCore voltages, I found that I needed at least 1.25v to be stable at 4.8 GHz (1.28v in the BIOS).

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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These people are getting the same Intel hardware issue I mentioned in post 1984, so I won't repeat all that info here:  @Luigi180321 @19cHiMeRa83 @koyamarc @FluFluWakaPeePee @congmmo @Addictedd @Twitch_DominixTV @Alocaurd_TTV @patri0t86 @NuNuRika 


This person is getting the same issue with a crash in an unknown module that isn't Apex. I talked about that in post 1985, so I won't repeat all that info here: @VChristIsKingV


@Luigi180321 also got a unique crash. I've posted a bug to our internal database for that one.

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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@Falkentyne, that's a pretty silly reason for Intel to dismiss a bug, and suggests they didn't take the time to consider our evidence, or the fact that a developer has been involved. A CPU bug can occur due to a specific sequence of instructions, including control flow. So it can easily show up in a patch when any instructions change, or even when just the data changes. The fact that it happens on many different Intel CPUs, but no AMD CPUs, even though Intel and AMD run the exact same code, should be enough to make it clear that it's an Intel issue and not a code issue. Add in the fact that Intel CPUs work correctly at lower clock speeds, and the evidence should be conclusive to anybody who takes time to consider it.


I'm trying to work with Intel through another channel too, so hopefully that will go somewhere.

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