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Re: Crash after update Season 1

by h0nk666

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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My game worst bug is when im in the menus, some times it freezes faster, some times it take a time,  the thing is, the menu freezes, music stops, image stops, and some times it take fewer minuts, some times it take long minutes to come back, and when it come back the sounds come back, i can click in the menus again see thing, look the arsenal and the shop. but the character has no movement, only one thing has movement that i noticed, is when im with lifeline, she has a robot that has small turbines, and the "fog" that goes out of the heat of the turbine, moves, but the character DONT, the only thing that moves is the heat distortion of the image. and the fire from the turbines.
continuing, that part don takes too long., and it disconect back to the initial menu  with error saying  that server expired and to acces and the principal background first background of the apex game. then i can click continue then click  start  game again and try play the game again.

some times it crashs and close without error in the menu and in game. but the freeze only ocurs in the menu

i ever try to initiate the game fast, but 80% of the time the menu freezes faster then the game begins. it sucks. i cnant play. the freeze is worst when i try to play with friends. and became most frustrating cuz. my friends dont like to wait my game  came back.

i noted that when freeze occurs, my gpu drop to 0% 90% of the time. 10% it was in 2% or a thing like that, and my ethernet upload drops to 0% in the exact time but download keep strange i cant say anything about dowload cuz i dont know much. but has some picks to u guys see


nothing works to me, teste everthing in youtube. facebook. graphics. line commands. diferent things, repair game, repair origin, unistal. execute as admin. etc etc.

dont know what to doo, im getting hopeless.


here is a link to the video of the crash


im with:
win 10 64 bit
amd fx 6100 3.30ghz
4gb x2 ram ddr3 kingstom 1333mhz
1tb hd 64mb
256gb hd
gtx 1060 6gb exoc white from galax
120mb internet

im from brazil minas gerais belo horizonte i will let the link of a video that i make showing the bug and some pics and my log


edit: depends of the graphical setting that i use, the freeze happens in game too. but. i dont know how to make it be better or whorse i dont know what changes it exactly

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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Just had a crash mid-game.

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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No crashes at 95 fps cap. Tried 143 fps cap because the recent update to try if it crashes and yes, it still does. .txt attached 

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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crashed as med kit was about to complete

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Re: Apex Crash without Error (Crash-report:!!!unknown-module!!!)

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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please fix the crash proplem...

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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Latest patch seems to fix my "crash to desktop" issue, but unfortunately i got a big fat bluescreen when im using Discord while playing.

So fixed 50% of it. Keep going!

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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Crash to desktop with bad_module_info in event viewer. I changed my hardware to Ryzen yesterday and had that crash on Intel CPU too.

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Re: Crash after update Season 1

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Crashed yesterday to desktop without errors. !!!unknown-module!!!

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Apex Crash Log

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Here is my crash log , Thanks uwu

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