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Crafting of skins I did not do and terrible support

by ArxGene

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Crafting of skins I did not do and terrible support

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Hello, Can you explain me how is this acceptable. I understand that you may not be able to revert what happened as you do not have proof of what I claim,

but at least you can investigate the case without accusing a customer for a false claim and threatening to block or ban his account!

From that point of handling me as a customer, I will not make any further purchase from EA anymore and I will post this to social media and forums so the people can see how you treat players-customers where a fault is not theirs and the accounts safety may be at large!


Below is the chat transcript of the support that I have from your sevices.


Chat start time May 17, 2019 8:10:26 PM EST
Chat end time May 17, 2019 8:31:02 PM EST
Duration (actual chatting time) 00:20:35
Operator Varsha


Chat Transcript
info: Your approximate wait time is 1 minute.
info: Thank you for contacting us. Varsha will help you soon.  
Varsha: Thank you for contacting EA HELP, my name is Varsha, may I start with your first name please?
you: Hello, my name is Stavros
you: I was trying to chat a while my on mozilla I had issues with the chat
Varsha: Hi Stavros
Varsha: Nice to meet you!
you: Nice to meet you!
Varsha: As I check you have contacted us regarding the octane skin?
you: Yes, I was wondering today that I had not 2 of epic skins that appeared on Octane. In addition, I noticed that my crafting materials got reduced and only 10 left on my account
Varsha: I can realize it can be bit upsetting for you, not to worry I will try me level best to help you out.
you: I am not sure but I think I had around a 1000. Can you please check your logs?
Varsha: Please allow me a moment to look this for you,
you: Thank you very much
Varsha: it seems you are facing some kind of tech or sync issue,
Varsha: I am sharing you some trouble shooting steps through the follow up email and than perform the steps and restart the PC and you will be able to see the skins.
you: No sorry. I got missunderstanded.
you: I see the skins. The case is that I did not bought them and lost crafting materials
you: misunderstood*
Varsha: Lets verify the account and then I will help you further
Varsha: Alright! Now i am going to send a 6 digit numeric code like ex- (123456) on your email in order to verify the account ownership.
you: The verification number is 518639
Varsha: Thanks
Varsha: It seems you have used your Crafting coins
MAY/17/19 AT 03:02 AM DEBIT
A player crafts an item
crafting 30

MAY/17/19 AT 02:32 AM DEBIT
A player crafts an item
crafting 400
MAY/17/19 AT 02:26 AM DEBIT
A player crafts an item
crafting 400

you: But I did not.
Varsha: I am afraid to say that these purchase can be done by account holder only
you: At least it was not me or someone from my computer that has access
you: The account holder is me
Varsha: And further investigation please agree this disclaimer- Making a false claim is against our gameplay rules.
Varsha: Breaking the rules makes it hard to provide a fun, safe, and secure environment for you and all players. If you make a false claim, we may need to suspend your gameplay or even close your account
you: Can you please check the ip addresses to check if it is from my location
Varsha: Also there is no suspicious activity on your account
you: I do not break the rules
Varsha: All the login is from same device
Varsha: If I send this to further investigation then they might blocked you for false claim
you: that's weird. Even the login the day of the purchase?
Varsha: I am sorry but the location/ip are same
you: No sorry I did not make the purchases. I also have a subscription on Ea Access and I do not agree to be threatened of having a block on my account for something I did not do
Varsha: Alright!
you: I do not know also how the ip is the same but I did not do the purchases and I understand that you cannot revert it. But that 's something you may further investigate as an issue
Varsha: As mentioned there is no suspicious activity on your account. So we cant take any action and it is totally false claim
info: Your chat transcript will be sent to [edit: email address removed] at the end of your chat session.
you: You have to know that I emailed the transcript to my email and I will post it on reddit and forum. Because I confirmed that I the actual account holder did not do these purchases.
you: Have a good night!
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Re: Crafting of skins I did not do and terrible support

Community Manager

Sorry to hear that you are having issues @ArxGene.


If our advisers have advised you that the purchase was made from your account and that all the logins are from the same device then I am sorry to say that there is nothing more that can be done.


In relation to your complaint, when you contact out live support in relation to missing items or issues related to items then you may be asked to accept the false claims disclaimer, this is not done to threaten you or make you feel like you have done anything wrong but in order to investigate claims such as yours, it needs to be accepted.



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Re: Crafting of skins I did not do and terrible support

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Hello Darko,


I understand what logs show.

Although, try to explain to me that.

As you can see from the conversation I am not someone who does not know about how computers work. 

I was the one who asked the advisor to check the logs and IP addresses.

Why would I do that if I knew I did it and they will see it?

Sorry but I am not that low on IQ.

In addition, If you see I have not spend any crafting material from the beginning, gathering them for a legendary skin,

why the heck should I buy, I do not know what for 30, and 2 epic skins on the same legend.

Today is Monday, I 'll wear the green... or maybe the red. It goes better with my temp. 


I now understand everything about what they say about EA,

Already cancelled my subscription and let people know about it on social media and discord channels and forums.

That's what your company deserves for this kind of service,

to let people know.

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Re: Crafting of skins I did not do and terrible support

Community Manager

Sorry you feel that way @ArxGene but as I stated above, if our live support advisers have checked your account and there have been no logins form any other devices then this means that the action was down from the system you play on. Does anyone else have access to your system as if they were not used by you then someone else who has access to your system may have done it?


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Re: Crafting of skins I did not do and terrible support

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Noone else has access to the computer I play from! I live alone in the house and there is noone else could have done that.

This is why I am saying this.

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Re: Crafting of skins I did not do and terrible support

Community Manager

As I said above @ArxGene, if our live support team have looked into your case and found that the only logins are from your console then there is nothing that they can in situations such as this.



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