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Re: Cosmetics Bug

by rynoxious

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Cosmetics Bug

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For some reason, the flight suit continuously overrides any "tops" and "bottoms" I equip to my pilot. For instance, I have the Chromium enhanced armor fully equipped, but after a few games I find that the default flight suit has taken the place of the "tops" and "bottoms" and I am only wearing the Gloves and Helmet. 

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Re: Cosmetics Bug

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yeah i hope they fix this. i think it is game wide as far as im aware. all of my friends have the same problem.

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Re: Cosmetics Bug

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I have the same issue but I have seen other people wearing the tops and bottoms and I doubt they're switching every game. I also can't save emotes to the emote wheel as well

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Re: Cosmetics Bug

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I have the exact same problem. ISB top and bottoms, saved for precisely one match, and then unequipped immediately afterwards. It also reverts to the flight suit after exiting the game.

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Re: Cosmetics Bug

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Same issue here! The flight suit overwrites my top/bottom pieces every single time I join a new match. It’s happening to people across all platforms and in both factions and yet the devs are not putting it into the known issues list. @EA_Straatford

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Re: Cosmetics Bug

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Helps us to track the issue. 


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