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Cora Harper: Asari Ark not progressing

by kevm1988

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Re: Cora Harper: Asari Ark not progressing

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Because ME A is a bug riddled *?

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Re: Cora Harper: Asari Ark not progressing

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@StrataCom wrote:

Because ME A is a bug riddled *?


If something is ON HOLD you need to do something else to "unlock" it. What is it, well, maybe it's another quest, maybe it's more AVP, maybe it's something else. Whatever it is in this case, this is bugreporting section and not "searching for spoilers".


Lack of player's patience is not a bug.

Not sure how to point CM to lock this thread or move it to general chatty.

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Re: Cora Harper: Asari Ark not progressing

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I tried that and it didn't work.  I'm about to go on the big finale and would like to have completed her quest too.  It's been "On Hold"from pretty early on in the game for me.  Liam's quest is bugged for me too.  That coupled with the fact that my Ryder occasionally gets stuck on rocks in various parts of the game and I have to load an old save are glaring problems in an otherwise fun game.

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Re: Cora Harper: Asari Ark not progressing

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I am sitting at the final mission (I just got the warning about it).  I've completely *nearly* every side quest (and am working on the remainder: mostly just architects) but Cora is still sitting ON HOLD.  There's nothing else to actually do here.  This is definitely a bug.


Incidentally, she's not the only one frozen for me (Liam thinks we're still rescuing the Moshae; Vetra, Suvi, and Kallo's conversation wheels haven't changed since I first met them), but this is the first post I've seen about this same issue.

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Re: Cora Harper: Asari Ark not progressing

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I am responding to this because I couldn't find much help on this issue/bug. Based on Kirito's answer, and force progressing lots of stuff, I finally received the Ark location.

So I am going to share all of what I did in case it helps anyone else.

I was on my new game plus right before the final meridian mission end game launch. Still on hold waiting for the location to be deciphered from the transponder. So I went around the ship and had multiple conversations with crew members, clearing out old, mission-related interactions that various team members are programmed with. MAA has a nasty way of stacking these and sometimes gets in the way of important interactions.

So I cleared all interactions first. Still nothing.

Then I did a few random, non priority missions. After each one I came back to the Tempest and I had a new email/mission or interaction trigger. So I'd progress that new one, come back to the ship.

The final one I did before getting it to work was going to meet Jaal's mom. After that Vetra wanted to talk, I had a throw away email, and then I went to talk to Cora in her room. Finally the interaction Kirito's described was triggered. The one where Cora is complaining/worried about how things veered.

Then I talked to her one more time by interacting directly with her and PRESTO. She says "Ryder, we got it..."etc.

Due to the late/buggy trigger, my HUD quest fracker also showed failing to read the email but gave me the quest marker I needed. Looks like it will work now.

Thanks Kirito!
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Re: Cora Harper: Asari Ark not progressing

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From all the other posts, I was able to figure out:


1) go back to a save before you find the wreckage.

2)  DO NOT SNIPE from afar.

3) save the three kett that get dropped from the first kett ship (to the east) for until AFTER the second kett ship arrives.  (I approached from the west).

4) kill the kett, make sure the second ship arrives (the first one drop three kettt to the east just as you see the site for the first time.

5) Scan the wreckage at the marker.

6) if you did't mess up, it will allow you to interact and there will be a cut scene.


If this fails, reset to the save just before and try again.

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