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Constantly Kicked in Multiplayer

by jarrettgt

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Constantly Kicked in Multiplayer

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I have already been disconnected three times today out of 5 matches in multiplayer and have missed out on over 75k credit.

Never did I experience these issues in mass effect 3.

Please fix your multiplayer ASAP! About to give up on this game.

Why this game was released in this state is astounding. I thought I would give EA another chance and they have not failed to disappoint once again.

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Re: Constantly Kicked in Multiplayer

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It's P2P multiplayer.  Host ping matters.


Since you didn't offer any details about your platform, it's really hard to help.  I wish you guys who cry about EA would learn how to ask for help.  I really do.


Go back and do a DXdiag if you want someone to actually try.

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Re: Constantly Kicked in Multiplayer

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I really wish you guys who defend these companies who are STILL using P2P for their MP platforms when you just stated the issue why they should NOT be in your own BS reply HOST ping . If these companies want their games played anywhere near the level and quality they showcase them at they would INVEST in their own hosting farms it would resolve at least 90% of this BS and give them the info needed to resolve the other 10% . 

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Re: Constantly Kicked in Multiplayer

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Don't read between then lines.  I wasn't 'defending' anything, but merely stating what IS.  It's for you to deal with what is, not imagine a comment that wasn't made.


Without platform or system specs, it's impossible to know if he's using a toaster or is using the wrong video driver, since so many of you rushed out to get the latest drivers even though they don't work properly.


If you guys want help, offer more information.


'kicked in multiplayer'?  Does that mean actively kicked by the host?  Or does it mean lost connection (probably a timeout).


Save your personal gripes for someone else.

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