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Constant "Prediction Error" Pop Up

by TheCreamS0da

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Re: Constant "Prediction Error" Pop Up

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@TheCreamS0daThis is the servers. I am on 1 gig speed with 244 hrtz if i wish to go that high. I also will see rubber band a entire lobby had it actually all had slowly crawl to the circle with out being rubber band the entire match mind you every single player was having this happen to them. I found it to happen a lot more when playing on servers outside my country as im East coast and i normally play on london for a lot i mean a lot faster ques. But this does happen to me on these type servers. So if you have a friend invite you and they live in different country the servers are built and designed to push player to the invite persons lobby. So if you invite them they are in your region of servers. If they invite you then you are on their region. This plays a huge role into this rubber band issue. Also toy around with joining other servers near you one big reason other then ques i play on london is because east coast servers well just not great at the moment. 

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Re: Constant "Prediction Error" Pop Up

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@C45SIE Nothing yet, after Kent stated he would be sending up details to someone (I assume Respawn but I don't actually know) I just kinda gave up on trying to find a fix for it. Still trying to play, still getting the same issues. Fingers crossed some kinda fix comes out for it, if it's even on their list of things to fix. It seems like most of the population that plays Apex don't encounter this issue so I don't really know if they would deem it worth fixing.
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Re: Constant "Prediction Error" Pop Up

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@E9ine_AC I will try messing around with joining other servers. I temporarily tried that a while back and noticed little to no improvement, and in some cases it became even worse. Regardless, I might as well give it a shot considering I can't find a fix for the time being.
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Re: Constant "Prediction Error" Pop Up

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Hi, Kent.

Can you please update us with this issue? I can barely hit the enemy in condition like this and it's very frustrating me.

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Re: Constant "Prediction Error" Pop Up

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Hey, @TheCreamS0da did you ever find a fix for this? its a long shot but I thought I'd ask. Its been a long time since the post and yet I'm getting these issues now too. I recently started playing again for season 6 and haven't gone a game without the micro freezes and prediction errors. I've contacted ea about this and after 3 cases I'm still at a loss. Repaired game files, cleared cache, the works, and nada. @EA_Kent If you could chime in incase a fix was found I'd be very grateful. My issue is the exact same as written and shown in the video 

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Re: Constant "Prediction Error" Pop Up

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@TheCreamS0da If you have scroll wheel binded to jump, I would suggest turning it off. It creates a prediction error where the server cant predict the movements due to the spamming of jump. That's something I literally just found out.
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