Constant crashing on pc

by chewit_mishmash

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Constant crashing on pc

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For the 2 last weeks or so, my game has been crashing on a very regular basis on the PC EA App. (as in multiple times in the same game)

In the past, the game would just stutter at times and then get back to normal.

Now, whenever, it stutters, it just crashes, with one of these two error messages


CreateTexture2D Failed.


The game will crash several times in the same game (every game). If I'm lucky I'm still alive when I restart. After 2 or 3 times I just get booted out of the game altogether


This is quite new. prior to this I'd never had such issues.

I have an i7 8700; an RTX 2060 and 32GB of RAM and  I'm running everything on low.

I've tried to repair and reinstall both apex and the EA app.


Is anybody else experiencing similar issues?

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Re: Constant crashing on pc

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Absolutely nothing has changed except having to use sims through the EA app. It crashes or won't even let me log in 90% of the time giving me error EC10005 login failed because the network failed. I am sick of it. I paid for the game and you can't get help from EA and yet I have lost access to my favorite game. I have not found any work around and my network connection to my internet is not the problem. Is there a fix for this or has anyone found a way to get EA to actually give a crap or help?

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