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Constant Lag Resulting in Disconnection

by Abbro12

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Constant Lag Resulting in Disconnection

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Been having trouble with SW:TOR recently where I'll join the game, but immediately the connection starts lagging up to an incredible number (highest I think was 180,000mb or something), but this has only been a recent issue. In the past, I've managed to play the game for hours on end without any lag.


I've tried resetting my router (hasn't worked), re-installed SW:TOR (didn't help), and I've even tried changing ports on my computer for the WiFi USB connector (didn't help). I can't attach an Ethernet cable because of technical reasons pertaining to where my router is, but apart from that I've tried everything, even calling my ISP (who says nothing is wrong).


Anyone wanna suggest possible solutions? I'd really like to play the game without constantly being kicked for lag that doesn't seem to exist except in the realms of the game.

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Re: Constant Lag Resulting in Disconnection



Grab and set it to say while playing and see what occurs in the graph


that graph can be saved as a jpg and inserted into a post here 


If your wifi adapter is dual switch to 2.4Ghz if using 5Ghz at present for example and see if any change 


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