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Consistently high server MS

by xlxHOTSHOTxlx

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Consistently high server MS

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I live in Salt Lake City (where an Apex Legends server is hosted) and I can't get below 60ms at any point in time. My internet connection constantly provides me speeds of over 250mbps download and 25mbps upload with a system latency around 30ms. No matter what I have tried I can't get to a reasonable ms of 20-40. I have tried the following:


- Direct connecting to my router

- Changing my DNS codes

- Switching to energy-saving mode on my xbox

- Clearing persistent memory capture on blu-ray


I have a less than 1 year old Xbox 1 S with only Apex Legends downloaded on it as well.


I guess I'm just confused as to why with a decent internet connection (we pay for 500mbps) I am unable to get on a hometown server lower than 50ms.


Any help for an EA would be greatly appreciated!



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