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Connection issues

by Haru8111

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Re: Connection issues

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 I was on for a couple of days but tonight I get on app to see a new auto-update that again causes a connection failure after 10% and freeze.  The tech service is showing its uselessness.

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Re: Connection issues

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I had this problem the last time there was new content to be downloaded inside the game.  For me, if you keep clearing the error and letting it crawl upwards, it will eventually update.  But this takes hours upon hours and you have to babysit it because it doesn't seem to happen in the background.  The common thread seems to be 10.3.3 iOS version, as I am also on this version.  I believe I can update to a newer iOS version, but a few of the programs I play may not have a recent enough update to run on the newer version, so I've been reluctant to do it.

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Re: Connection issues

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Can't see how you'd say you don't see similar issues, they're all over the threads. Connectivity has been a nightmare after the most recent update. Even when you manage to get on it lags. Back to not signing on at all now, very disappointing 

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Re: Connection issues

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I have now upgraded to 12.2 and it is working properly.  I definitely feel that iOS version was the primary factor in this issue.

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Re: Connection issues

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My brother has been having the same problem since the new update came along. He has the iPhone SE. Game tries to update but keeps saying that there's a error with the connection. He had to keep pushing the try again button until he forced the update though. But now the game crashes
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Re: Connection issues

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When we had the issue with logging into the game I had that same issue but never received the crystals that were given to everyone else.

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