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Connection Problem from Mainland China [PS4]

by Avondus

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Connection Problem from Mainland China [PS4]

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Hi guys,

So I played and loved the game a lot at home in the UK, so I’m aware of what the ‘normal level’ of disconnects and bugs there are.

However, now that I am in mainland China I can’t connect at all, getting halted at initial log in screen and going round in a loop:

Error retrieving Anthem live services data.
Error retrieving Pilot Data. Please try again.


I was excited to finally try out the Cataclysm update...




Further information:


I only have a PS4 and an iPhone. I have no computer to reconfigure the modem if required. 


My PS4 is connected via ethernet to the modem. Download speeds ~100mbps. 


I’m not well versed with what all these different settings mean on a modem either, so an idiot’s guide is necessary if I need to be switching settings!




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Re: Connection Problem from Mainland China [PS4]

Hey @Avondus


Here are some steps you can try:


However, since you don't have access to a Modem, that could present an issue.


You can also try changing the DNS to Google


Let us know if this helps.


Thanks Standard smile


- iluminate


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Re: Connection Problem from Mainland China [PS4]

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Thank you for your response!


I will attempt the steps I can from the first list. 


I am less hopeful about the Google DNS because Google in general is behind the great fire wall. 


I will update this thread if it succeeds/fails. I’m sure I’m not the only one suffering because of this!



Thank you. 

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