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Connection Issues

by IrishJason81

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Connection Issues

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Tired of the poor connection either on wifi or on data....

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Re: Connection Issues

EA Live QV Team

Hey @IrishJason81 thanks for reaching out. When you say poor connection, do you mean the prompt you get in game? That prompt is to make you aware that your connection isn't as strong as it ideally should be. WiFi connections are very vulnerable to interference even from back-grounded applications so it's recommended to close other apps when playing. As for playing on data, this is generally more stable but be sure that you have no interference from other apps and a strong connection.

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Re: Connection Issues

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It doesn't matter what I do. I continually get the poor connection and based off what some of my clan mates say, im not the only one. It really sucks in the middle of a game and I get kicked off due to it.

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Re: Connection Issues

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I have never seen such a lousy game developer who doesn’t bothers to upgrade their server!!! Outta every 10mins, 8mins is hung and afterwhich I realized that our points kept deducting! Almost every match I am kicked outta the game after being hung for too long and I need to keep restarting the game!

This game used to be a legend, but at the rate this is going... am sure it will close down soon since the game developer doesn’t bothers about resolving all these issue for the longest time!

Anyway I have just deleted this game for good! Doesn’t make much sense to waste time on this!
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Re: Connection Issues

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I have the same issue says poor network at each 20 seconds or so i have very good network signal and i am litteraly sitting 2 meters away from my router nothing between me and the router and i have the same problem on data it is verry annoying and i am losing game after game because i .the time it disconnects and reconnects the enemy makes moves againts me ver very annoyed by this problem if anyone has a fix please tell us


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