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Re: Connection Issues - Game unplayable

by TTV_Angry_Zer0

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Re: Connection Issues - Game unplayable

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Believe it or not, but i found a Solution for PC :eahigh_file:


Ok first: If you have the Problem that you are stuck on the MainScreen and you can't login and you get only connection Errors, then leave the game, go into origin games library, right click anthem and change the language to something else. 

Then, when the Download and installation is done, start the Game again and login without any error.

Now you can leave the game and change the language back to your usual language.



And second: if you keep getting kicked out of the game (missions) because of connection errors (like error 4445) then disable your antivirus program (it was avast in my case) because for some unknown reason, the game doesnt like it if the data gets scanned.. maybe its a problem with the anti-cheat software? i dont know, but it works for me.



I can finally play normally without any error. i tried it for several hours now. its working perfectly.

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Re: Connection Issues - Game unplayable

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Know exactly what you mean. Was having the exact same issues, just resolved it a few hours ago and I'm going on here telling people how to do so lol. Basically you gotta turn off upnp and open alllll the ports I've listed in the pdf. Hasn't disconnected for me for a good few hours now. 

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Re: Connection Issues - Game unplayable

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Are they going to fix this server connection issue or not its been going on since the game came out. If not I'm going to want my money back since I can't play the game with out getting pissed off

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Re: Connection Issues - Game unplayable

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Settings where? In game or on PS4?

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Re: Connection Issues - Game unplayable

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Re: Connection Issues - Game unplayable

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I solved the problem with "Error updating Pilot Data, Please try again. (4445) Error retrieving Anthem live server data. "

I just tryied everything you could do, set free ports, enable firewall from blocking anthem, reset dns, reset all Anthem and Origin data, but it didnt worked

i still got the errors and then i realised something. I have still running my AntiVirus program and even my settings are set to let Anthem through something went wrong.

So i closed my browser and deactivate my whole AniVirus program and after this i could play Anthem the whole weekend.

The thing is there must be something inside Anthem which is marked as Virus or there is something that is always try to get access to system data.

I have no prove right now ant it is only a theory.

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Re: Connection Issues - Game unplayable

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In general, I have not found many games that like being virus scanned. Civilization 5 was one that would wig out and just never launch. In the end I learned two things:



Exclude your Steam games directory from AV scanning.

Exclude your Origin games directory from AV scanning.


Anthem is fully excluded, but every other hour or playing and the connection issues do pop up. They go away after a few minutes, or on relaunch of the game. Friday night felt like a DDoS (or server failure). It's been relatively fine since. 



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